Wednesday, April 25, 2007

poems from mrs. himura

Our Destiny
By : Mrs.Himura

I Have no right to protect you
I can't do anything
When I saw you were died in my arms
and I was so shocked
I drop my sword
and I just can hold you tight and cried...
see your arches facebut you were covered w/ your smile
You gave me your very last smile
And slowly you closed your eyes
and you were died in my arms
w/ sweet smiling

Alone Again?
By : Mrs.Himura

Tomorrow is Valentine's day
on Valentine's day I think I'll spend my day all by my self
I think tomorrow is meaning nothing to me
Coz' I always spend my Valentine w/ alone
Tonite, when I sleep I dream about that boy
the boy who I got crush on
when I wake up in the morning
I check my mail boxand
I saw there's one sweet rose and letter in there
I open up the letter and read some words
really simple words but means so much to me
"Would You Be My Valentine ...?"
well, I gotta say I will not alone again on this valentine !

By: Mrs.Himura

Every time I see you my heart pound so fast
every time you were close to me I'm screaming so loud
and every time I close my eyes,
I Realized that I never make you mine
Sometimes I hide from you, b'cos you make me going to be crazy
sometimes I want you to care about me only
sometimes I want you to go away from me
sometimes I want you were by my side,
so loneliness time are gone
and happiness time are come
and sometimes I was so confuse what I'm feeling to you
well honey...
it's love !
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