Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kenshin on Story

Full Name : Himura Kenshin
Real Name : Himura Shinta
Age : 28 years old
Born : June 20 1849
Notable Characteristic : X-scar, red hair, pink kimono
Fighting technique : Hitten Mitsurugi Ryuu
Height : 158 cm
Weight : 48 Kg
Blood Type : AB
Weapon : reverse edge Sakabatou
Person of interest : Kamiya kaoru ( u choose her than me :( no ! )
Personality : He's not easy to surrender, he had a strong power, and he's very smart. that's why he always able to last through his enemies without killing them. He also values Human life and he's willing to sacrifice his life to save anyone who get hurt.

History : A years ago was born a little cute baby, named Shinta (Himura Shinta). But no longer his parents were died at cholera out break. However three women took care oh him, named Akane, Sakura and Kasumi. While they were traveling along w/ the traders they were attacked by marauders. the three sisters died protected Shinta, just as he was about to be slain Hiko (his master) happened passed by and killed the bandit and saving his life. And then Hiko was bring Shinta and take care of him an Hiko was gave a new name to Shinta, called Himura Kenshin it means Heart Of Sword. When Kenshin 15, after mastering Hitten Mitsurugi Ryuu from Hiko he decided to go and help the Ishin Shishi. Hiko wasn't give him permission to leave, but Kenshin always push Hiko to let him go then Kenshin make Hiko upset and let him go. Hiko was very angry to Kenshin b'coz Kenshin using the Hitten Mitsurugi Ryuu technique as tool for a kiling pepole. Thus Hiko diswored him as his pupil.


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